The New $175K Living Vehicle CyberTrailer Matches With The Tesla Cybertruck

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Image Source: Living Vehicle

Utility and luxury combine for amazing adventures.

The Tesla Cybertruck is making big waves in the automotive industry with its unique technology and the truck’s iconoclastic angular design. With its incredible capabilities and technology, the Cybertruck is ready for adventure, and Living Vehicle has provided the next step for the Cybertruck’s adventuring capabilities with the new CyberTrailer, a luxury adventuring railer that offers amenities and independence in one, all matching the Cybertruck’s signature and already iconic design.

The trailer is 100 percent solar powered, with a water supply that uses air creation and recycling for maximum sustainability, wireless controls via an iPad, and a folding patio, allowing adventurers to experience and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. If the CyberTrailer is towed by a Tesla Cybertruck, it matches seamlessly with the Cybertruck’s design. Still, the CyberTrailer is compatible with the Ford F-150 and Rivian tow vehicles and gas and diesel tow vehicles. At the same time, the CyberTrailer does boast the perk of electric tow vehicle charging.

Deliveries of the CyberTrailer are set to begin in 2025, and the luxury trailer’s price starts at $175,000. A $100 refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot on the waitlist. With Living Vehicle’s new CyberTrailer, the Tesla Cybertruck seamlessly extends its adventuring capability.

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