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Presented by Team Blacklake.

The BLACKLAKE XT1: An Off-Road Masterpiece

Are you ready to elevate your on- and off-road driving experience? Introducing the BLACKLAKE XT1 truck, the ultimate combination of luxury, performance, and exclusivity. Developed by BLACKLAKE Research and Development in Detroit, this vehicle is a true work of art on wheels, crafted with the most discerning enthusiast in mind. From its powerful V8 engine and advanced suspension system to its beautiful exterior features, the BLACKLAKE XT1 delivers an unmatched driving experience. But don’t wait – with limited availability, allocation of this rare and exclusive truck is sure to go fast.

“The true joy of owning a BLACKLAKE XT1 is the escape from the rat race where the pavement ends, and cell phone service is sporadic. The wide track and long travel make for sure footing as you explore uneven off-road terrain,” said Seth Ravndal, co-owner of BLACKLAKE Research and Development. “On- and off-road – wherever you choose to explore – from a night on the town, to a day of extreme desert trail riding, the XT1 will show its unique personality and amazing performance.”

A fully integrated Carbon-Kevlar Composite wide-body, massive 37-inch BFG tires, and bespoke front and rear suspension systems make the BLACKLAKE XT1 truck a true off-road masterpiece. The rear suspension, for example, features a unique multilink design, with an industry first horizontal Watts link for maximum travel and ultimate control in a wide range of conditions. The all-new front and rear bumpers also drastically improve approach and departure angles, allowing you to tackle even the toughest terrain with ease.

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But it’s not just about the performance with the BLACKLAKE XT1 Truck. Every detail, down to the smallest, has been carefully considered in the design of this vehicle. This is a truck built for the true enthusiast, not a mall crawler or a set of wheels and tires on a leveled pickup. If you’re looking to stand out and truly be the envy of your friends and peers, this is the truck for you.

“While each truck is a full frame off custom build and the majority of current builds in process are customer orders, we are planning to always have a couple of spec builds available for purchase, should a client want to get their hands on one of these amazing trucks quickly,” said Joe Valentich, co-owner of BLACKLAKE.

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If you’re ready for a fully functional, off-road masterpiece that is sure to turn heads, the BLACKLAKE XT1 truck is the vehicle for you. To learn how to acquire an XT1 and start creating your own adventures, visit or contact the team directly at (810) 201-5566. Talk with their team and personalize your XT1 with exclusive BLACKLAKE options and a wide-ranging portfolio of accessories.

Please come and see the Blacklake XT1 in person at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction (January 21-29) at booth P66.