The Monterey Car Week is here, bringing thousands of automotive collectors, enthusiasts and more to the Californian coast. Along with the guests, there will be plenty of extraordinarily rare cars on display at numerous events. That means there’s going to be a lot of places to be if you want to see everything this car week has to offer. So, naturally, that means you need to have plenty of outfits as you make your way from event to event. Down below, we have some select pieces that fit the part for Monterey, so check it all out.


As mentioned before, there are a lot of events going on during Monterey Car Week. Need to find out where to go? We have all of the big events listed on duPont REGISTRY Directory so you can see where they’re all at and when they start. Want to see the exciting RM Sotheby’s and Mecum auctions? Of course you do! See when they start and where they’re at on our Directory.


Are you ready to head off and see everything Monterey Car Week has to offer? Well, you better bring a watch if you don’t want to show up late. For that, we have the HYT Soonow watch. To create the unique way that the Soonow tells time, HYT utilizes their exclusive mechanical movement. Two contrasting layers are pushed through the skull-shaped capillary as time passes. To read the time, a wearer needs to just look at where the two fluids meet and read the printed words founds above the skull’s outline.


The Californian sun is bright and if you don’t want to be squinting all day, you better wear a pair of shades. T Henri’s sunglasses were designed with the luxury lifestyle in mind and the prized possessions that go along with that lifestyle, like hypercars. If you need to to look the part in California, T Henri sunglasses are a perfect fit.


During this week, all sorts of events will be going on. Whether they’re auctions, car shows or dinners, there’s a wide variety of happenings. And, their locations will vary from indoor to outdoor. When it comes to an outfit for Monterey Car Week, you’re going to need a variety of ones to choose from. Here we have two outfits from Robert Graham that would be great to add to your California-ready wardrobe.


Along with a lot of cars, there’s going to be a lot of walking during Monterey Car Week. There are hills to climb, golf courses to traverse, streets to walk down and a lot more. Añel Racer Collection has a great selection of footwear that range from loafers to sneakers and everything in between. Check out their selection of shoes and be sure to bring a couple of pairs out west.


Hats are a necessity when it comes to sunny days outside, but they’re also the perfect way to cap off an outfit. melin has a great lineup of hats that are designed to be both stylish and functional. We picked out three of their hats that we think would be great for Monterey Car Week adventures, including their new hat created in collaboration with Daniel Ricciardo.